Busting some common myths regarding teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an easy cosmetic dental procedure where the shade of your teeth are lightened and as a result whitened to look brighter and cleaner. Millions of people go for teeth whitening treatments annually all over the world. When you want your teeth to be whitened, you must head towards the dentist and have your teeth checked out for any cavities or other gum diseases. There are several qualified Dentists on Great North Road who offer teeth whitening treatments. However, prior to going for this treatment it is important that you should learn about some common myths which surround teeth whitening and require to be dispelled.

1. Every teeth whitening gel is similar. You must understand that there are lots of whitening gels available in the market, each of them with different strengths. Dentists use strong whitening gels for treatments done in their clinics. The ones which are available for the dentist to use on you at home are of lower strengths. The weakest strengths are of those which are commercially sold in markets over the counters.

2. Every teeth will have the same whitening Not every tooth will whiten to the same degree. Teeth which have become yellowish will whiten more than those that have become grayish. So, people who have yellow teeth will see better results than those with gray teeth.

3. Quality of gels It can be often seen that in spite of a dentist using strong gels in the clinic on a patient, the patient can get much better teeth whitening by using medium strength gels at home for long periods of time with regular usage.

4. Do whitening gels and toothpastes bleach your teeth There are very few whitening toothpastes which can actually bleach or chemically make your teeth white. The reality is that maximum toothpaste have mild abrasives in them which only help in scrubbing off the stains on the surface of your teeth when you brush.

5. Results are farfetched Many people will claim that teeth whitening takes weeks to achieve. But this true when you use weak gels sold in grocery and medical stores. The gels which professional dentists use are of high strength and can give you amazing results quite soon. In fact many people have seen their teeth become whiter within one hour even.

6. Side effects of teeth whitening You experience some initial gum irritation or sensitivity in your teeth and hence it is important that you must go to your dentist and have your mouth checked prior to the treatment. You can opt for a Teeth Whitening treatment from a good Dentist on great north road.

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